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Past and future: Chinese Lion Dance in Penang

Updated: 17 Jan 2014

Lion dance master Divino Kok shares the history and future of this Chinese traditional dance.

Artist spotlight: Valen Lim

Updated: 2 Jan 2014

Meet the designer behind Google Business Group Malaysia's gDayX Malaysia project.

The Comedy Club: An interview with Matt Bellotti

Updated: 4 Dec 2013

The founder of Time Out KL Comedy Thursday chats about Penang and The Comedy Club.

On the Yash: An interview with Gina Yashere

Updated: 3 Dec 2013

Expect a side-splitting performance from this comedian in Penang on Dec 8.

Five minutes with Jim West

Updated: 2 Dec 2013

Puppeteer and author, Jim West chats about his favourite puppet named Moral the Dog.

Marrying Me: An Interview with Stephanie Van Driesen

Updated: 2 Dec 2013

Actress Stephanie Van Driesen spills the beans on things we didn't know about director..

Five Minutes with Datuk Lat

Updated: 26 Nov 2013

Malaysia's creator of Lat cartoons chats about Penang and why Kampung Boy will never grow old.

Backstage with... Damn Dirty Apes

Updated: 20 Nov 2013

Malaysia's first post-rock band tries to describe their trademark genre to a nine-year-old.

Sneak peek: 14th European Union Film Festival

Updated: 18 Nov 2013

We round up five must-see films in this year's festival.

Backstage with...Trace Bundy

Updated: 11 Nov 2013

Trace Bundy is a known fingerstyle guitarist and will be performing in Penang on Nov 16.