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Five Minutes with Jennifer Law

Updated: 11 Sep 2013

This first-time participant of Short+Sweet Theatre 2013 talks of her experience in the contest.

Five minutes with Ooi Chean See

Updated: 5 Aug 2013

Malaysia's first female orchestra conductor speaks about classical music and drumming!

Five minutes with Siti Khalijah

Updated: 22 Jun 2013

She has recently won an award and will charm you with this interview before her performance on June..

Five minutes with Debbie Chia

Updated: 21 Jun 2013

She's part of a girl DJ group from Singapore and scheduled to rock Penang during GTF 2013 on..

Five minutes with Kumar

Updated: 18 Jun 2013

Get to know the performer who promises a comedy show like Penang has never seen before.

An Ernest Effort

Updated: 12 Jun 2013

Ernest Zacharevic talks about his murals on century-old walls.

Pirouette with Les Ballets Eloelle

Updated: 7 Jun 2013

Founder of Les Ballets Eloelle shares the best thing about being a ballerino for him.

Reviewed: Penang World Music Festival (Day 2)

Updated: 2 Apr 2013

Unlike last night's slow pick up, things took a raucous turn on day two.

Reviewed: Penang World Music Festival 2013 (Day 1)

Updated: 1 Apr 2013

The first day of the festival acted as a teaser trailer for the action promised on the final day.

Backstage with... Saharadja

Updated: 29 Mar 2013

Band leader and vocalist of Saharadja, Rio Sidik sings his two cents on today's world music..