Updated: 1 Mar 2013

Educational and perfect for teens with ample time to spare, Teen Art Club is a weekly art venue for teens to create art. Students are welcome to work on art-related homework or school projects - be it individually or as a group - or pop in the class just for fun. As art is a medium for free minds, you can join whenever you feel like it (that means, no boring attendance cards). For RM5 a session, it's best to come early as the weekly class is strictly limited to the first 10 teens. Remember to bring your own art supplies or if you like, test out new art medium for a small fee: RM5 for drawing medium (charcoal, pastels, watercolour pencils including papers) and RM10 for painting medium (watercolours, acrylics, oils including canvas and paper).


Address: The Art E Space
3C-1-3, Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Tel: +6012 401 9636

Website: http://www.theartespace.com

E-mail: enquiries@theartespace.com

From: Mar 2, 2013  To: Jun 29, 2013

Time: Every Sat, 2pm-5pm

Price: RM5 per session (without art supplies)