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Django Unchained

Updated: 20 Mar 2013

For all its digressive, episodic and frequently ludicrous nature, this is a blazing return to form.

Maia 'Pepper Stars'

Updated: 18 Mar 2013

So much to enjoy, it's a perfect tonic for anyone who’s starting to use ‘folk’ as a four-letter word.

The Weeknd 'Trilogy'

Updated: 18 Mar 2013

He adds honesty and maturity to the R&B charts that Labrinth and Chris Brown have yet to bring.

Ke$ha 'Warrior'

Updated: 18 Mar 2013

Most of the time her demeanour is that of Rihanna, had she decided to forgo all euphemisms.

Dear Life by Alice Munro

Updated: 18 Mar 2013

Readers are left with a lasting impression of the landscapes she describes in each tale.


Updated: 12 Mar 2013

Park Chan-wook makes a showy U.S. debut with this British-American psycho thriller.

Cloud Atlas

Updated: 7 Mar 2013

'Cloud Atlas' cuts from spry comedy in an Edinburgh old folks’ home to an eyepopping flying car chase without breaking stride.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Updated: 7 Mar 2013

Bryan Singer's high-concept fairy tale never gets off the ground.

A Kung Fu Odyssey in Penang

Updated: 7 Mar 2013

Author Nick Hurst records the life of his late Shaolin grandmaster who also lived in Penang.


Updated: 7 Mar 2013

This is not a biopic in the usual but rather, a Spielberg in the historical mode.