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Beachwood Sparks 'The Tarnished Gold'

Updated: 6 Sep 2012

Chris Gunst and gang never quite veer from their warm sounds and meandering pace.

The Beach Boys 'That's Why God Made the Radio'

Updated: 6 Sep 2012

The album may not cause the remaining Beatles to lose sleep.

The Expendables 2

Updated: 6 Sep 2012

In some ways, this is better than the first film: it ditches tedious backstories and chats between saggy has-beens.

The Watch

Updated: 6 Sep 2012

From a branding perspective, Akiva Schaffer’s sci-fi-inflected goof succeeds by default.

Short+Sweet 2012: Alisya Adam

Updated: 2 Sep 2012

Alisya cleverly juggles school and her passion for dance.

Short+Sweet 2012: Ooi Kee How

Updated: 30 Aug 2012

A theatre manager revels in the island's blossoming art scene.

Premium Rush

Updated: 27 Aug 2012

The thrills here are admirably analog as busy streets become narrow obstacle courses.

Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes 'Wilayah'

Updated: 25 Aug 2012

A large portion of tracks from ‘Wilayah’ sounds like a sonic trip down the ’90s pop rock catalogue.

Best Coast 'The only place'

Updated: 25 Aug 2012

The frontwoman packs a warm Jenny Lewis-type vocal in her songs about dashed hopes.

Short+Sweet 2012: Karynn Tan

Updated: 24 Aug 2012

The past winner of klpac's Short+Sweet Best Female Actor, Karynn Tan, shares her experience.