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Updated: 30 Sep 2013

Part of the fun of ‘Rush’ is how it takes us back to a pre-Ryanair time.

2 Guns

Updated: 20 Sep 2013

Washington and Wahlberg team up as the coolest bank-robbing criminals.

Ken & Mary

Updated: 19 Sep 2013

A light-hearted comedy fringed by a sappy ending that the Japanese are well known for.

Born in Malaysia

Updated: 17 Sep 2013

Malaysian photographer, Kenny Loh rediscovers his home country in his new book.

Five Minutes with Maxime Rhapsody

Updated: 13 Sep 2013

He's hooked on Penang and here he tells of being a participant of the Short+Sweet Malaysia 2013.

Five Minutes with Jennifer Law

Updated: 11 Sep 2013

This first-time participant of Short+Sweet Theatre 2013 talks of her experience in the contest.


Updated: 5 Sep 2013

All the marks are hit, yet we walk away knowing nothing about what made this revolutionary tick.

Grown Ups 2

Updated: 5 Sep 2013

Constructs middle-aged malaise and Porta-Potty humour from 'Dazed and Confused’s nostalgia blueprints.

We're the Millers

Updated: 4 Sep 2013

Enjoy this cavalcade of road-movie conventions, late-act life lessons and conspicuously obscene bantering.

Kick-Ass 2

Updated: 4 Sep 2013

In a film whose heroine is a 15-year-old girl beating up a bunch of bad dudes, that leaves a bad taste.