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Updated: 26 Nov 2012

The local indie scene has been her oyster of late. Rising in popularity,Yuna's steadily adapting - if not, progressively - to her career shift in the States. Cheng Sim chats with Yuna on how she is coping with her international musical leap and having her song played on the television series, 'Pretty Little Liars'.

You’re currently leading with six nominations in Anugerah Industri Muzik 19 (AIM). How does it feel to be the country’s next big thing?
I am grateful and honoured to be nominated again in AIM 19.

How are you coping with that title while taking a giant step in the States?
It is actually a big resposibility for me as a singer songwriter and it is not an easy task as I start my music career from scratch in the States.

Compared to all the hectic concert tours with Allen Stone, are you excited to perform in your home ground?
Of course! This will be my first time touring Malaysia. Although it will only be two states, I am looking forward to giving the best performance that day.

Are the crowds in the States any different from the ones in Malaysia?
So far, not so different. I could say the response is quite similar.

Pharrell Williams produced your single, ‘Live Your Life’. Did he impart any advice to you?
I wrote the lyrics for this song and he advised me on certain parts that he thinks doesn't suit the melody. Overall, it's like having a teacher guiding you on writing a really good piece of music.

Your song, ‘Favourite Thing’ made it on 'Pretty Little Liars' TV show, what’s that like for you, hearing your song on a television series?
I really couldn't believe it at first. It was like a dream come true. I felt so happy and excited at the same time. My hardwork paid off.

Do you have any pre-concert rituals?
I usually do warm ups before I perform. In order to balance out my voice.

What is your favourite thing to do in Penang?
I am looking forward to try Penang teh tarik.

Catch Yuna Homecoming Concert, happening in Penang Times Square on Nov 10. For more info on this concert, see listing. You can also follow Yuna's latest updates on Facebook.

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