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Penang top five: Leong See Kit

Penang Top Five
Updated: 5 May 2014

This IT specialist and boutique hotel proprietor shares what he enjoys in Penang after a few years..

Penang top five: Ken Tho

Penang Top Five
Updated: 21 Apr 2014

This food blogger who hunts food all over narrows his favourites to just five with difficulty.

Penang top five: Aldrien Moh

Penang Top Five
Updated: 25 Mar 2014

Co-owner and chef of Asiatique’s imaginative flavours shares his favourite hawker spots around town.

Penang top five: Ooi Chean See

Penang Top Five
Updated: 10 Mar 2014

This Penang-born orchestra conductor also has a thing for the island's beaches and heritage..

Penang Top Five: Saw Teong Hin

Penang Top Five
Updated: 24 Jan 2014

Director of 'Hoore! Hoore!' shares his top five places to eat on the island.

Penang top five: Miau Miau

Penang Top Five
Updated: 20 Jan 2014

This Penang-born actress shares her favourite spots on the island for laksa and mee goreng Mamak.

Penang Top Five: Gan Hooi Leng

Penang Top Five
Updated: 25 Nov 2013

For this travel agent, there's no place like Penang where friends, family and her favourite..

Penang Top Five: Jack Yeap

Penang Top Five
Updated: 23 Oct 2013

This young chef of El Faro reveals how the simple things in Penang give him the most pleasure.

Penang Top Five: Ksatriya

Penang Top Five
Updated: 9 Oct 2013

Urban poet and songwriter not only shares his favourite spots in Penang but also his new album..

Penang Top Five: Samuel Cheong

Penang Top Five
Updated: 26 Aug 2013

This young chef known for his western food recommends a few local flavours of his own.