Five things to do this weekend

Updated: 17 Jun 2014

Take your pick of cool bars in Penang, go to an indie rock concert, taste authentic Nyonya food, then top it all off with a soothing massage.

15 cool bars in Penang
We’ve listed 15 watering holes for you to choose from. The million Ringgit question now is “Which one should you go to?”

Aunty Gaik Lean’s Restaurant
Don’t miss out on real Nyonya food at Aunty Gaik Lean’s Restaurant. Their menu has most of the familiar Nyonya fare such as assam prawns, inche kabin, and jiew hu char.

Made In Penang Interactive Museum
This museum is full of zany interactive street art which utilise shades, varying contours, and even props to create real-life mind trickery.

A wave of independent bands and musicians will take the stage at PenangPAC for the annual IndiePG.

Massage & Feast at Rock Spa
Rock Spa’s latest offering begins with a 60-minute Hard Rock massage before indulging in a three-course meal at Hard Rock Cafe.

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