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Penang Ultra 100

Sporting events
6 Sep 2014

If distance is just a number to you, push your limits at the state's first ultra-marathon.

Danai Spa G Hotel

Updated: 12 Aug 2013

Spread over three outlets across Penang, Danai Spa is the perfect place to melt away stress.

Deluxcious Spa Cuisine

Updated: 12 Dec 2013

A strange combination of a spa and a restaurant, but it works very well.

Facework Beauty Centre Jalan Kelawei

Updated: 28 Jun 2013

Offers facials, slimming, spa services and skin care products.

Penaga Spa

Updated: 3 Mar 2014

Serene and beautifully done up, what we recommend from this spa is their Semarak Api package of..

YMCA Penang Badminton Court

Updated: 3 Jul 2013

With three wooden courts, this would be the perfect place to squeeze in a bit of exercise.

Penang Bowl

Updated: 16 Jul 2013

Despite its age it's very well maintained and remains popular among players.

MBS Complex

Updated: 12 May 2012

This complex gives you the chance to show off your skate or cycling skills.

Youth Park

Updated: 16 May 2012

With a skate rink and BMX terrain, thrill seekers will not be disappointed here.

Penang Turf Golf Club

Updated: 9 Aug 2012

Established in 1948, this 18-hole course is a favourite among locals.