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Sukhothai Beef Noodles House

Updated: 7 Mar 2014

Famed for their Thai beef noodles that made it a regularly frequented place from the start.

Coffee Island

Updated: 5 Feb 2014

Coffee Island has ceased operations until further notice.

Seoul Garden Korean Restaurant Persiaran Gurney

Updated: 27 Aug 2014

Patrons will have the steamboat and barbecue buffet.

Purple Cane Tea Art Centre

Updated: 11 Sep 2013

Purple Cane dedicates to the art and culture of tea.

Michelangelo's Gurney Drive

Updated: 26 Aug 2014

Michelangelo’s deserves better than to be dismissed as just another feeding trough for hungry..

Strada Restaurant & Patisserie

Updated: 20 Nov 2013

This cosy little place is perfect for last minute walk-ins as there are ample seats and parking.

Goku Raku Ramen

Updated: 13 Jan 2014

This Japanese restaurant hosts two chefs who specialises in ramen and gyoza and we recommend trying..

Meet Fresh Gurney Paragon

Updated: 10 Feb 2014

Meet Fresh Gurney Paragon has ceased operations until further notice.

Morganfield's Gurney Paragon

Updated: 5 Feb 2014

To satisfy your carnivorous appetite, this is where you can order up typical American prime pork..

Golden Crust Gurney Plaza

Updated: 21 Jun 2013

Golden Crust is akin to a backyard where gourmet pies, tarts and quiches come to play