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Azalina Eusope: Penang, Made In San Francisco

Updated: 8 Jul 2014

Follow the story of Azalina Eusope, the humble street vendor now owns a restaurant in Twitter's HQ at San Francisco.

Now Open: Mary's Garden

Updated: 7 May 2014

Mary's Garden has ceased operations until further notice.

Now Open: 16 Degree

Updated: 15 Apr 2014

Good, fresh food paired with delectable and reasonably priced wine is what we discovered at this bistro.

Now Open: Asiatique

Updated: 15 Apr 2014

We're satisfied with their Australian breakfast-style lunch and Spanish-style baked eggs.

Now open: Bistro Tang

Updated: 1 Apr 2014

A surprising find on their menu and the only local main dish is the Tang Laksa.

Top Picks: Seafood restaurants in Penang

Updated: 31 Mar 2014

The best seafood places are not pretty but judge them for their mouth-watering dishes instead.

Top picks: Food courts in Penang

Updated: 31 Mar 2014

For the best food courts in town, here are our favourites.

Penang white curry instant noodles

Updated: 19 Mar 2014

This is our review of the much-talked about but elusive Penang white curry instant noodles.

Five places for breakfast

Updated: 3 Mar 2014

We've got ideas on where to have your first and most important meal of the day on the island.

Five Laksa Places to Try

Updated: 1 Mar 2014

Penang assam laksa varies in terms of thickness, discovers Su Aziz