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Updated: 15 Apr 2014
Photos by Su Aziz

The menu highlighted in this feature in October 2013 is no longer served in this restaurant today. For the latest review of this place, click here.

Here's where contemporary Australian influenced flavours bloom, breakfast expands to become lunch and buttery biscotti-style cookies accompany your coffee and Kitty Kaye is definitely not complaining.

The new row of modern double-storey shophouses facing Jalan Tanjung Tokong has been a curiosity to passers-by in the past year. Finally, it reveals itself as an area called Vantage and is slowly, filling up. In one of its ground floor spaces is the barely two-month old Asiatique Kitchen and Lounge with its casual yet chic interior and ambience.

Run by a group of young people with an infectious enthousiasm for food, the restaurant offers western food that cultivates flavours from Australian cuisine which marries Asian and French cooking styles and ingredients. Yes, it may sound rather confusing but we believe edible, good food shouldn’t be compartmentalised, anyway!

Casual interior and ambience of the restaurant

Asiatique’s menu, at a glance, boasts dinner dishes such as slow roast beef short ribs, confit chicken and twice cooked pork belly with a variety of salads and snacks or starters such as seafood pillows and dumplings. While lunch is a charming expansion of breakfast dishes such as make-your-own omelette with 12 ingredients available and brioche French toast.

To satisfy our curiosity on their five lunch choices, we choose the Aussie Big Breakfast of toast, buttery scrambled eggs, homemade ‘naked’ pork sausages, bacon slices and grilled tomatoes, along with the very interesting Spanish-style baked eggs at RM28+ and RM26+ inclusive of either a soup, salad or dessert of the day.

Now, the big breakfast is big and solid. The two homemade sausages have firm, minced texture without the sausage skin, are well done and juicy. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about this dish short of the wafer-like slices of toast that are thin as air. The baked eggs are also of a good portion filled with pleasant minced beef steeped in tomato and rosemary sauce and topped with eggs before a short baking time. Four generous slices of toast enable us to dip into the dish for slobbery, delicious bites. With these two, we opt for a salad and a soup each.

The Aussie Big Breakfast is of a substantial portion

While the spiced pumpkin soup has terrific thick texture and colour, we prefer the salad of thinly sliced green apples and greens is dressed with honey balsamic vinaigrette and sprinkled with walnuts. It's a good representative of, we suspect, the flavours they want to achieve at this restaurant – crisp, juicy, fresh and polite balance of sweet and savoury flavours.

They seem to be a part of the best food trend yet of going back to creating food from scratch, doing without MSG, processed and pre-fabricated food. The result of this and their portions is a lengthy period of happily filled tummy. Of that, we have no qualms at all and since their dinner menu kicks in at 5pm, there’s a good break between meals!

For exact location of this restaurant, check our listing here.

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