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Mixology 101: Port

Updated: 29 Nov 2012

Though not drunk as often as regular wine, Port still doesn’t suffer from sour grapes.

Mixology 101: Cider

Updated: 7 Nov 2012

Booze from apples? Take a bite out of this one or order it up in trendy bars and clubs.

Mixology 101: Rum

Updated: 31 Aug 2012

Rummage no more. Here's one spirit that evokes the Caribbean.

Mixology 101: Daiquiri

Updated: 27 Aug 2012

Cocktail of the tropics. Enjoyed by most and Ernest Hemingway.

Mixology 101: Caffeinated cocktails

Updated: 20 Aug 2012

We love caffeine for breakfast, in soft-drinks and in our tipple.

Penang nightlife top five

Updated: 17 Aug 2012

Looking for a new hangout spot? Here are five happening joints to check out.

Mixology 101: Mojito

Updated: 10 Aug 2012

We like our Mojito muddled, not stirred thank you.

Mixology 101: Absinthe

Updated: 6 Aug 2012

We give you the lowdown on some of the killer qualities of absinthe.

Mixology 101: Gin

Updated: 30 Jul 2012

Don't be ginger with your gin. Drink up this bold, old spirit, we say.

Mixology 101: Patrón XO Cafe

Updated: 30 Jul 2012

Here's Mexico’s posh answer to a boozy kopi o ais.