Designer spotlight: Sarah Chin

Updated: 5 Jul 2012

Who she is: ‘I love shoes more than clothes or handbags,’ Sarah confesses, and it was that love that led her to founding GlamRockChic. She’s been designing for almost two years now, after a ten-year stint in marketing and business development for luxury fragrances. ‘I finally decided to move on to something more challenging – being a designer and entrepreneur. And yes, it is terribly challenging!

About the line: In a market awash with cheap, uncomfortable shoes, Sarah has made it her mission to make shoes that are stylish and comfortable. ‘I initially wanted to just buy readymade designs from the wholesaler’s market in China and slap on my own label,’ Sarah says. ‘But none of the designs I saw appealed to me. Most of what is out there looked cheap, painful and a watered down copy of famous designer styles. Then one day I was in Hong Kong and wearing these two-inch pumps, they looked comfortable but the more I walked, the more the back part cut into my heel and my flesh was about to bleed from the constant chafing. I remembered asking myself “Who makes shoes like this? It’s torture”.

‘That’s when I decided if I were to start a business in selling shoes, I would design it by myself so that I can control the look, the materials and the cut,’ explains Sarah. And now you can see the fruits of her labour. The GlamRockChic heels (mainly hovering around the four inch height) are designed to avoid sensitive areas of the feet, using soft materials where necessary and plenty of cushioning. Customers have attested to the comfort of the shoes and style isn’t sacrificed – expect shots of animal print, textured leather, studding and interesting cut outs. ‘My designs are edgier than mass market brands because I take risks with colours and cuts but it’s still wearable edgy. It’s not McQueen Armadillo shoe edgy or Kirkwood edgy that you would think “Oh I love these shoes but I don’t have the right clothes to match them with!”.’ Emma Chong

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