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Prašná brána


The Powder Gate (or Tower) is a piece of late 15th-century flotsam, a lonely relic of the fortifications that used to ring the whole town. The bridge that...

U Prašné brány


Critics' choice

While Parisians were still hotly debating the aesthetic value of their newly erected Eiffel Tower, the Czechs decided that they liked it so much that they'd...

Petřín Hill

Staroměstská mostecká věž


Built in 1373, along the shadow line of St Vitus's Cathedral, the Old Town Bridge Tower was badly damaged in 1648 by marauding Swedes, but Peter Parler's...

Křížovnické náměstí

Žižkov Tower

Critics' choice

This huge, thrusting, three-pillared television tower has long been dubbed the Pražský pták, or 'Prague Prick', by local admirers. Seemingly modelled on a...

Mahlerovy sady
Major venue