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The winner of the Czech Republic's first Michelin star, the Four Seasons' flagship was brought up to world-class speed by chef Vito Mollica, who has since...

Veleslavínova 2a


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Before World War II, the Alcron was a byword for a top-class night on the town. The name was borne by the predecessor to what is now the Radisson, where the...

Štěpánská 40


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Renovated in 2008, this over-the-top venue has gone more boldly than ever into designer fantasy - though red velvet, alchemical symbols, statues and gilt...

Hellichova 4

La Dégustation

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The seven-course menu offered here will take up most of an afternoon or evening, promising 'the flavours and tastes of molecular cuisine'. That the...

Haštalská 18

Francouzská Restaurace

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With the city's finest art nouveau pile as a backdrop, this absurdly ornate dining room, recently featured in Jiří Menzel's film I Served the King of...

Náměstí Republiky 5

U Malířů

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No longer one of Prague's most expensive restaurants, a status it held for years among the business crowd, this quaint 16th-century house with original...

Maltézské náměstí 11