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Disko Duck


Aspiring DJs can get their groove on at Disko Duck. More than 5,000 records span the musical worlds of hip hop, techno, jungle and beyond; there's also a...

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Foto Škoda


Sales, repairs, developing, supplies: everything camera-related you could possibly want, need or think you may have a use for. It's excellent for the...

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Photo shops are rife in the tourist areas; even your local drogerie will probably do photos. Quality is sometimes an issue, though, so if your snaps need to...

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HSH Computer


Sales, service and rentals of a variety of big-name international brands, including Compaq, HP, IBM and Toshiba.

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Jan Pazdera obchod a opravna


This is practically a camera museum, full of beautiful old antique cameras and lenses. There's a small supply of film, batteries and the like, but it's best...


Praha Music Centre


The PMC is a little more high-tech than your average music shop. In addition to various musical instruments, it sells speakers, pickups, amps and cables....

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