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This fresh new entry into the Old Town dining scene is already buzzing, thanks to its engaging menu of South-east Asian delights. Prawns in coconut chutney,...

V kolkovně 7


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Ariana is a comfortable little Afghan restaurant with excellent, tender, spiced lamb and sumptuous vegetarian chalous. Familial service goes with the...

Rámová 6


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Easily the most affordable, credible Indian option for a relaxed dinner in the Old Town area, this cosy little split-level spot is good for the soul of many...

Soukenická 2


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Done up in Persian rugs and hanging lanterns, Hasib Saleh's cosy little eaterie is a local fave, serving fine specialities such as ashak pastry parcels and...

Karolíny Světle 14


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Mailsi is simply a comfortable, friendly neighbourhood Pakistani restaurant - but it's the district's only one. There's not much atmosphere, but the good,...

Lipanská 1

Malý Buddha

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Little Buddha is a teahouse with a difference: great vegetarian spring rolls and noodle dishes go hand in hand with the dozens of teas brewed by the...

Úvoz 46


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Masala is a bit out of the way. Still, it's worth seeking out for its homely atmosphere and capably created Indian cuisine, served speedily and at...

Mánesova 13

Millhouse Sushi

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Millhouse Sushi is handy if you happen to be in the mall catching a film, but prepare for your travel funds to be rapidly depleted. This is one of the...

Slovanský dům, Na příkopě 22


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In the sushi craze that still holds Prague in its grip, a few leaders have clearly emerged. Nagoya is one of them. This is one of the few foodstuffs that...

Stroupežnického 23

Restaurance po Sečuánsku

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Tucked away in the Palác Metro shopping passage, this is a handy, clean, bright option for Chinese food, with a vast list of rychlé, or quick, items priced...

Národní třída 25


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Taking the Prague sushi craze one step beyond, Samurai wins bonus points for its teppanyaki grill. The decor also goes all the way to the max, with tatami...

Londýnská 120

Sushi Point

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Sushi Point is the latest place in which to be seen tossing back raw tuna and slivers of pickled ginger, with a crowd of spendy young Czech consumers fresh...

Na příkopě 19