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Staff at this elegant café-cum-lifestyle shop encourage patrons to have a good look around at the wrought-iron furnishings and hanging lamps, which are all...

Dušní 10


Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

From Moroccan lamb couscous to veal in mathurini sauce, the Mediterranean accents at Oliva are sumptuous, confident and a wake-up call to the senses,...

Plavecká 4

Pálffy Palác

Restaurants & cafés

Set in a wonderfully atmospheric Baroque palace owned by the Ministry of Culture (it also hosts a classical music academy), Palffy is something to remember...

Valdštejnská 14


Restaurants & cafés

An elegant but casual island of tasty Francophile fare, Passepartout caters to French property investors who are doing up Vinohrady at present. Come here...

Americka 20

Pizza Nuova

Restaurants & cafés

This new property of the Czech chain Ambiente meets its usual standards for service, decor and food, which generally set the pace for such ventures. That...

Revoluční 1

Restaurant Hradčany

Restaurants & cafés

The classy gourmet dining room at the Savoy has won several awards of late, with its mix of Czech classics and hip conceptions of Euro cuisine, from lamb...

Keplerova 6

Rio's Vyšehrad

Restaurants & cafés

The cuisine and service at Rio's pass muster: the menu offers good selections of salads, seafood dishes and pastas, and there's a reasonable wine selection....

Štulcova 2

Ristorante da Emanuel

Restaurants & cafés

Thanks to a focus on interesting dishes such as swordfish carpaccio and pappardelle al cinghiale (mildly spiced ground boar), this little neighbourhood...

Charles de Gaulla 4


Restaurants & cafés

Roca is a grand little Italian restaurant, complete with family and paisano regulars in the corners. Overall, it's a fine hole in the wall, with a great...

Vinohradská 32

Sarah Bernhardt

Restaurants & cafés

The favourite model for Alfons Mucha has lent more than her name to this fabulously gilded lobby restaurant of the Hotel Paříž. The chef has revived the...

U Obecního domu 1

Střelecký ostrov

Restaurants & cafés

Sitting on a lovely Vltava river island in the centre of town, this terraced spot caters to the casual with decent pizzas, but also manages crispy steaks,...

Střelecký ostrov 336

U Malé Velryby

Restaurants & cafés

Owner Jason Le Gear oversees the most exciting culinary addition to this district in a while. The veteran chef of several hit Prague restaurants has now...

Maltézské náměstí 15

U Malířů

Restaurants & cafés

No longer one of Prague's most expensive restaurants, a status it held for years among the business crowd, this quaint 16th-century house with original...

Maltézské náměstí 11

U Maltézských rytířů

Restaurants & cafés

The Knights of Malta once offered this as an inn for the crusader monks. Now a restaurant has been set up in the candlelit, Gothic cellar; and it's a fine...

Prokopská 10

U Patrona

Restaurants & cafés

U Patrona is an oasis of quality in an area dominated by naff souvenir shops, serving delicate conceptions of Czech game classics at just a few tables. The...

Dražického náměstí 4