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Střelecký ostrov

Restaurants & cafés

Sitting on a lovely Vltava river island in the centre of town, this terraced spot caters to the casual with decent pizzas, but also manages crispy steaks,...

Střelecký ostrov 336

Svatá Klára

Restaurants & cafés

This upmarket, high-quality restaurant doles out traditional Czech game dishes with a flair that rewards the adventurers who've trekked out to the adjoining...

U Trojského zámku

U Císařů

Restaurants & cafés

A long-favoured location for traditional Czech food within a short walk of Prague Castle, At the Emperor's has platters of smoked meats, hearty roasts,...

Loretánská 5

U Karlova mostu

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

What's going on? An unpretentious pub-restaurant serving potato thyme soup and topinka (Czech fried toast with raw garlic) this close to Charles Bridge?...

Na Kampě 15

U Maltézských rytířů

Restaurants & cafés

The Knights of Malta once offered this as an inn for the crusader monks. Now a restaurant has been set up in the candlelit, Gothic cellar; and it's a fine...

Prokopská 10

U Medvídků

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Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Five centuries of cred as a beerhall have made the Little Bears a mecca for Budvar drinkers. The menu goes well beyond pub grub, with pork in plum sauce and...

Na Perštýně 7

U Modré kachničky

Restaurants & cafés

One of the most successful little dining rooms opened since the Velvet Revolution occupies a granny's house-style setting on a narrow side street. The...

Michalská 16

U Pinkasů

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Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

If you're here for the beer, then make a pilgrimage to the first Pilsner pub, first opened in 1843. Over a century and a half later, it's still smoky,...

Jungmannovo náměstí 16

U Radnice

Restaurants & cafés

U Radnice is one of the last places around Old Town Square that offers traditional food served at prices meant for the locals. The tasty Czech specialities...

U radnice 2

U Sádlů

Restaurants & cafés

OK, it's medieval kitsch - but efficient, tasty and affordable medieval kitsch. And a good quantity of mead with pepper steak or boar can make for a great...

Klimentská 2

U Sedmi Švábů

Restaurants & cafés

Another cellar maze of stone-walled, torch-lit rooms, this krčma, or Czech medieval tavern, has a name that translates as the Seven Swabians. It's a trippy...

Jánský vršek 14

U Ševce Matouše

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Restaurants & cafés

The classic steakhouse, Czech style, with done-to-order tenderloins in traditional sauces such as green peppercorn or mushroom. A short walk east of Prague...

Loretánské náměstí 4


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Restaurants & cafés

With old French advertisements displayed in pride of place on the wine-coloured walls, an interior inspired by train cars, servers who know their stuff, and...

V Jirchářích


Restaurants & cafés

The Beehive is an appropriately named gathering spot for up-and-coming Prague creatives, but comes without the attitude that spoils most places of a similar...

Kodañská 5

Villa Richter

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

Come to the best terrace location in the city for this exciting new restaurant - or, to be precise, trio of restaurants: there's expertly wrought gourmet...

Staré Zamecké Schody 6