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The lovely, almost pastoral Villa Bertramka, a former vineyard manor house that has now been restored to its 18th-century glory, seems a world apart from...

Mozartova 169
Tags: Music

Dům u Černé Matky Boží

Critics' choice
Art, Attractions, Museums

Renovated and reopened in 2003, this fantastic cubist building and collection of paintings and sculptures strive to present a totally plane-defying...

Ovocný trh 19

Dům U Zlatého prstenu

Art, Attractions, Museums

Now reopened after renovation, this beloved, charismatic former Renaissance manor house is set to feature a three- to five-year show of Jiří Příhoda's...

Týnská 6

Klášter sv. Anežky České

Critics' choice
Art, Attractions, Museums

This intimate and manageable part of the National Gallery, set in the oldest surviving Gothic building in Prague (worth a visit in its own right), houses a...

U milosrdných 17

Kostel Panny Marie Vítězné

Attractions, Museums

You'll spot this humble church from the queues of pilgrims from Catholic countries all over the world, all waiting to catch a glimpse of its most famous...

Karmelitská 9

Muchovo muzeum

Art, Museums

This museum is dedicated to Alfons Mucha (1860-1939), perhaps the most famous of all Czech visual artists. Known for his commercial work such as...

Kaunický palác, Panská 7

Museum Kampa

Critics' choice
Art, Museums

One of the most respected art refuges in town, the Kampa Museum enjoys an enviable location on the waterfront of the city's loveliest island, with a...

U Sovových mlynů 2

Muzeum Antonína Dvořáka


Hidden away behind wrought-iron gates, the Dvořák Society's well-organised tribute to the most famous Czech composer is housed in an elegant early...

Villa Amerika
Tags: Music

Muzeum Hlavního města Prahy


Antonín Langweil spent 11 years during the early 1800s building an incredibly precise, room-sized paper model of Prague. Now this museum's prize exhibit,...

Na Poříčí 52

Muzeum hraček


Part of Czech émigré Ivan Steiger's large collection is displayed on the two floors of this museum in the castle grounds. Brief texts accompany cases of...

Jiřská 6

Muzeum komunismu

Critics' choice

Opened in 2001 as the first enterprise of its kind in the country, this museum puts the communist era in historical perspective through its ample archive...

Na Příkopě 10

Muzeum miniatur

Art, Museums

With magnifying glasses and microscopes, you'll be able to see truly tiny works of art: portraiture on a poppy seed, a caravan of camels painted on a grain...

Strahovské nádvoří 11 (grounds of Strahov Monastery)

Muzeum policie ČR


Prague's surprisingly interesting Police Museum resides in a former convent attached to the Karlov Church. The final room of the museum contains an arsenal...

Ke Karlovu 1

Náprstkovo muzeum

Art, Museums

The 19th-century nationalist Vojta Náprstek had two passions: modern technology and primitive cultures. Although the gadgets he collected are now in the...

Betlémské náměstí 1

Národní muzeum


At the top of Wenceslas Square, overlooking the boulevard, sits the Národní muzeum (National Museum). Built between 1885 and 1890, this neo-Renaissance...

Václavské náměstí 68
Major venue
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