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Klub Lávka


Yes, it's more pop disco fever, but compared to the hulking commercialism of the next-door Karlovy Lázně, it seems almost charming. There's a lovely river...

Novotného lávka 1
Tags: Pop, Club

La Fabrique

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Disco-lovers cram into this subterranean Staré Město club to hear nightmarish DJs who love to announce things over the tunes. Done up in factory decor, it's...

Uhelný trh 2

Le Clan

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Offering that thrill of insider exclusivity yet with a surprisingly democratic ethic, Le Clan only advertises itself at street level with a small glowing...

Balbínova 23
Tags: Bar, Club


Art, Bars & pubs, Clubs

This classy 1930s functionalist gallery combines art (it's the Czech Fund for Art Foundation's most important exhibition space) with another, living,...

Masarykovo nábřeží 250
Tags: Dance, Bar, Club


Bars & pubs, Clubs

As underground as Neo himself, this former frozen meat plant knows its jungle and drum 'n' bass, booking hip DJs and other acts. It draws a young crowd of...

Koněvova 13


Bars & pubs, Clubs

These days, Mecca is a bit too slick for its own good, but it's still fun at times for its excesses. It was the first big club to set up in the burgeoning...

U průhonu 3


Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

Strictly local, smoke-filled and loud, the Mellon is often packed with Czech pop and disco fans, but occasionally breaks the bad DJ habit with a good blues...

Michalská 12

Misch Masch


This big, glittery club on the edge of the city centre is where locals who love mixing Malibu into their drinks come out to play. If the pounding pop tracks...

Veletržní 61
Tags: Pop, Club


Bars & pubs, Clubs

With a fairly tame programme of pop, rock and reggae tracks laid down by skilled DJs, N11 doesn't set out to challenge. In fact, its owner - a doctor,...

Národní třída 11


Bars & pubs, Clubs

It may not live up to its claim to have 'inimitable' atmosphere and 'delicious cocktails at very attractive prices', but Heaven provides a generally good...

Křemencova 10

Občanská plovárna


'You can do whatever you want,' reckons Prague's newest club, clearly a believer in the scattergun approach. Typical Fridays and Saturdays deliver live acts...

U plovárny 8
Tags: Pop, Club


Critics' choice

Student parties linked to Prague's Radio 1 pack the kids into this stone cellar: Friday and Saturday Dance Fever nights are clearly aimed at paying the...

Újezd 19
Tags: Dance, World, Club

Punto Azul

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Punto Azul is so far underground that you'll need canaries just to test the air. Despite the name, there's nothing Spanish about the place: it's just a...

Kroftova 1

Radost FX

Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Clubs

Prague's original house party is going strong after more than a decade, with the best all-night mix you'll find in the city: a combination of creative...

Bělehradská 120

Retro Music Hall


With a capacity of 1,200, Retro has revived a former party palace that went dark for years. The bar has been raised a bit, but the programme is still...

Francouzská 4
Tags: Pop, Rock, Club