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Kostel sv. Tomáše


It's worth craning your neck to get a good look at the curvy pink façade of St Thomas's. The lopsided structure is the legacy of an earlier Gothic church...

Josefská 8


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A sculpture of the bearded St Wilgefortis, the skeletons of another two female saints, the highest concentration of cherubs found anywhere in the city…...

Loretánské náměstí 7

Maiselova synagoga


Mordecai Maisel (1528-1601), mayor of the Jewish ghetto during the reign of Rudolf II, was one of the richest men in 16th-century Europe. Legend traces...

Maiselova 10

Mořský svět

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Prices have nearly doubled at Sea World in recent years, but it's worth remembering that this is a venue with a big impact. The aquarium has a collection of...


Národní památník


Although its interiors are closed until October 2009 for restoration, you'll get a vivid sense of the National Memorial simply from walking around this...

U památníku 1900
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O2 Žluté Lázně

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Prague, like so many European capitals, now has a sandy beach. This riverside complex on the right bank of the Vltava also has spas, football pitches, a...

Podolské nábřeží

Obřadní síñ


The Romanesque turrets and arches of this building at the exit of the cemetery make it appear as old as the gravestones. In fact, the Former Ceremonial Hall...

U starého hřbitova 3A

Olšanské hřbitovy


The overgrown yet beautiful Olšany Cemetery contains grand memorials to two unlikely bedfellows: Klement Gottwald, the first communist president, who died...

Vinohradská 153 at Jana Želivského

Pinkasova synagoga


The story goes that a Rabbi Pinkas founded this synagogue in 1479 after falling out with the elders at the Old-New Synagogue. The building was enlarged in...

Široká 3

Prague Castle

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Attractions, Shops

Founded more than 1,000 years ago by Přemysl princes, the impressive if somewhat sombre Prague Castle complex - including the Old Royal Palace, three...

Hradčanské náměstí
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Prašná brána


The Powder Gate (or Tower) is a piece of late 15th-century flotsam, a lonely relic of the fortifications that used to ring the whole town. The bridge that...

U Prašné brány

Pražská paroplavební společnost

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Great in combination with a trip to the Prague Zoo, which this steamship serves via the Vltava river, the PPS offers a leisurely 75-minute ride. The boat...

Embankment below Palackého náměstí


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While Parisians were still hotly debating the aesthetic value of their newly erected Eiffel Tower, the Czechs decided that they liked it so much that they'd...

Petřín Hill

Schwarzernberský palác

Art, Attractions, Museums

The National Gallery relaunched its permanent display of Bohemian Baroque art in spring 2008 at the sprawling Renaissance-era Schwarzenberg Palace. The...

Hradčanské náměstí 21
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Španšlská synagoga


The Old Synagogue (or Altschul), older still than the Old-New Synagogue, stood on this site as an island in Christian territory, to which Jews could cross...

Vězeñská 1