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Dr Stuart's Botanicus

Critics' choice

As well as a wide range of soap, lotions, candles and bathing salts and gels, Botanicus also has herb-inspired cooking oils, vinegars, teas, honey and other...

Týn 3

Foto Škoda


Sales, repairs, developing, supplies: everything camera-related you could possibly want, need or think you may have a use for. It's excellent for the...

Palác Langhans, Vodičkova 37

Agentura pro vás


Agentura pro vás is a good source for a wealth of striking Czech posters, including old adverts and totalitarian dogma. The shop stocks large and small...

Rybná 21

Antikvariát Dlážděná v Růžové


Tons of illustrations on the walls, more drawings filed away by topic in drawers, and scores of books - including many in English.

Růžová 8

Farah Oriental Market


Bags, jars, bins and bottles of goodies; falafel, houmous and tahini: the Middle Eastern and South Asian staples are all here. Farah also offers quality...

Myslíkova 5

Hudební nástroje


Invest in an old Bohemian squeezebox, or clarinet, bongos, xylophone, sax, tuba or drums at this remarkably varied and well-organised second-hand instrument...

Náprstkova 10


Critics' choice
Art, Shops

Don't know what you want but know it when you see it? Sleek, modern Modernista is happy to introduce you to its selection of cubist, art deco and...

Celetná 12

Poliklinika na Národní


Highly professional staff, including a paediatrician, and a central Nové Město location. Handy for crises.

Národní třída 9

U Zavoje Cheese Shop

Critics' choice

This foodie's paradise offers the best cheeses in town, and adjacent cognac, cigar and wine shops. French, Swiss, Italian, Greek and Czech cheeses are among...

Havelská 25

Antic Aura


Its limited weekdays-only opening hours are the worst thing about Antic Aura; otherwise, it's one of the best shops in town, with a fine selection of purses...

Vyšehradská 27



Beruška is a small shop that's filled with toys for young and older children: you'll find a good selection of stuffed animals, clever wooden toys, and all...

Vodičkova 30

Ladana Costume Rental


If you're lucky enough to be invited to a ples (ball) in Prague, Ladana has what you need to make a grand entrance. There are all sorts of wedding and...

Opatovicka 20

Sparky's Dům hraček


The House of Toys is really more of a mansion, holding three levels of desirable playthings. 'Czech' toys as well as stuffed animals can be found on the...

Havířská 2

Včelařské potřeby


Bees are not included. However, just about everything else that an apiarist either produces or needs is, from gloves and headgear to honey and cosmetics.

Křemencova 8

Bakeshop Praha


Is there any more evocative smell than freshly baked bread? Bakeshop Praha has a variety of baked goodies in unique flavours and styles. All are suitable to...

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