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Černé divadlo Jiřího Srnec


Jiří Srnec, the inventor of Czech black light theatre, is still alive, and has lent his name to one of the more reputable of black light emporia. It's an...


Divadlo Alfred ve Dvoře


The Alfred's fare tends toward movement and non-verbal work; if something text-based is featured, the theatre provides English programme notes. The venue...

Františka Křížka 36

Divadlo Archa

Critics' choice
Dance, Music, Theatre

Arguably the most important centre for new and experimental work in the Czech Republic, Archa covers everything: dance, music, theatre, film and puppetry....

Na poříčí 26

Divadlo Bratři Formanů


When film director Milo‰ Forman was forced to leave Czechoslovakia, he left behind his family. After he'd gone, twin sons Matûj and Petr began their own...

Loď Tajemství

Divadlo Image


With more dancing, modern jazz and pantomime than some black light theatres, the shows at the Image epitomise the modern style. There are daily...

Pařížská 4

Divadlo Komedie


Fans of German theatre should know the Komedie: Pražské komorní divadlo (Prague Chamber Theatre), the resident company, specialises in contemporay...

Jungmannova 1

Divadlo Minor

Critics' choice

A lively and progressive Czech puppet theatre for children and young adults. All directors and designers are contemporary guest artists invited from the...

Vodičkova 6

Divadlo Na zábradlí


Founded in 1958, the Theatre on the Balustrade lay the groundwork for Czech Theatre of the Absurd. It was the focus of much secret police attention prior to...

Anenské náměstí 5

Galerie NoD

Comedy, Music, Theatre

Galerie NoD is a proper artists' hangout, decked out in surrealist decor, that stages off-centre theatre events, experimental music and comedy nights....

1st Floor

Laterna Magika


This company's glossy, high-tech multimedia productions are certainly professional, though no longer at the cutting edge; more slick modern dance than...

Nová Scéna

Národní divadlo

Dance, Music, Theatre

A separate Czech nation began to be built, literally, on the foundation stone of this landmark. As such, it would be nice to say that the opera, drama and...

Národní 2

Národní divadlo marionet


The touristy National Marionette Theatre presents unchallenging but popular and skilful productions of Don Giovanni.

Žatecká 1

Státní Opera

Dance, Theatre

Next to the Estates, the State Opera offers the second most dazzling theatre interior in Prague, which will come in handy when you want to avert your eyes...

Wilsonova 4

Stavovské divadlo

Dance, Music, Theatre

If you've seen Miloš Forman's film Amadeus, you've seen the Estates. This Baroque gem, which appears to be made from marzipan, was where Mozart's La...

Ovocný trh 1

Švandovo divadlo

Critics' choice

There's no more accessible theatre in Prague for anglophones than Švandovo, which offers surtitles in English for all its productions. This is a boon for...

Štefánikova 57