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Il Gelato di San Crispino

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

Il Gelato di San Crispino serves what many consider to be the best ice-cream in Rome - some say in the world. The secret is the makers' obsessive control...

Via della Panetteria 42
Tags: Gelateria



The Pantheon is the best-preserved ancient building in Rome. It was built (and possibly designed) by Hadrian in AD 119-128 as a temple to the 12 most...

Piazza della Rotonda

Il Colosseo (Colosseum)


Vespasian began building the Colosseum - which has hosted gory battles between combinations of gladiators, slaves, prisoners and wild animals of all...

Piazza del Colosseo
Major venue

Freni e Frizioni

Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Unlikely ex-garage surroundings - the name means 'brakes and clutches' - for Rome's hippest early evening spot, frequented by arty types and a creative,...

Via del Politeama 4-6

Il Vittoriano

Attractions, Museums

It's worth climbing to the top of this monument, not only to appreciate the enormity of the thing, but also to see the charmingly kitsch art nouveau...

Piazza Venezia/via di San Pietro in Carcere/piazza Aracoeli

Teatro dell'Opera di Roma - Teatro Costanzi


The lavish late 19th-century teatro all'italiana interior comes as quite a surprise after the grey, angular, Mussolini-era façade and its esplanade with...

Piazza B Gigli 1

Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)


For recent generations, it was Anita Ekberg who made this fountain famous when she plunged in wearing a strapless black evening dress (and a pair of waders…...

Piazza di Trevi
Major venue

Antico Arco

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

A January 2007 refit has given the Antico Arco a smart new interior, minimalist but warm, and the cuisine has perked up, too, after a period of stasis. On a...

Piazzale Aurelio 7

La Gatta Mangiona

Critics' choiceBudget
Restaurants & cafés

Rome's best pizzeria? We certainly think so. The 'greedy she-cat' steers a middle course between puffy-rimmed Neapolitan and flat and crunchy Roman, using a...

Via Ozanam 30

St Peter's (Basilica di San Pietro)


After 120 years as a building site, the current St Peter's was consecrated on 18 November 1626 by Urban VIII - exactly 1,300 years after the consecration of...

Piazza San Pietro
Major venue

Galleria Borghese

Art, Museums

Begun in 1608 by Flaminio Ponzio and continued by Jan van Santen (Italianised to Giovanni Vasanzio) upon his death, the Casino Borghese was designed to...

Piazzale del Museo Borghese 5
Major venue

Foro romano (Roman Forum)


After its period of glory, the Forum was relentlessly attacked for centuries by barbarians, after which it was gradually dismantled by anyone - from popes...

Entrances from largo Romolo e Remo
Major venue


Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Clubs

In trendy Ostiense, this is one of the best of Rome's fashionable clubs. Goa marries iron and steel with curvy, 1960s-style whites. The quality of its...

Via Libetta 13

Il Palatino (The Palatine)

Attractions, Museums

While you may not believe the story that Romulus killed his twin brother Remus for crossing the property line he had staked out on the Palatine,...

Via di San Gregorio 30/piazza di Santa Maria Nova 53
Major venue

Piazza del Popolo


For centuries, piazza del Popolo was the first glimpse most travellers got of Rome, for it lies at the end of the ancient via Flaminia and directly inside...

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