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Arco di Costantino (Arch of Constantine)


Standing beside the Colosseum, Constantine's triumphal arch was one of the last great Roman monuments, erected in AD 315, shortly before the emperor...

Piazza del Colosseo

Colonna di Marco Aurelio (Column of Marcus Aurelius)


The 30m (100ft) column of Marcus Aurelius was built between AD 180 and 196 to commemorate the victories on the battlefield of that most intellectual of...

Piazza Colonna

Fontana Paola


This grandiose fountain, which sends lavishly splashy cascades into an equally grand pool, is fed by water that has travelled 35km (22 miles) through a...

Via Garibaldi

Foro Italico & Stadio Olimpico


A marble obelisk, 36m (120ft) high, with the words 'Mussolini Dux' carved on it, greets visitors to the Foro Italico, a sports complex conceived in the late...