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Abbazia delle Tre Fontane


To the east of the Tre Fontane sports facilities lies a haven of ancient, eucalyptus-scented green, with three churches commemorating the points where St...

Via Acque Salvie 1

Carcere Mamertino


Just off the steps leading from the Capitoline hill down to the Roman Forum, the Mamertine Prison was waiting for anyone thought to pose a threat to the...

Clivio Argentario 1

Casa della Fornarina


Just inside the Porta Settimiana is an unassuming house, now a restaurant, with a pretty window high on the façade and a granite column embedded in its...

Via di Santa Dorotea 20

Catacombe di Domitilla


These catacombs are found on land once belonging to Flavia Domitilla, wife of a first-century consul, banished to the island of Ponza for her faith. The...

Via delle Sette Chiese 282

Catacombe di Priscilla


This two-storey second-century AD burial place contains bas-reliefs and frescoes, including what is believed to be the first-ever depiction of Mary.

Via Salaria 430

Catacombe di San Callisto


These are Rome's largest catacombs. Buried in the 29km (18 miles) of tunnels were nine popes (venerated in a chapel known as il piccolo Vaticano), dozens of...

Via Appia Antica 78, 110 & 126

Catacombe di San Sebastiano


The name 'catacomb' originated in this spot, where a complex of underground burial sites situated near a tufa quarry was described as being kata kymbas -...

Via Appia Antica 136

Crypta Balbi

Attractions, Museums

Part of the Museo Nazionale Romana, the Crypta Balbi is often overlooked on travellers' itineraries. It's a pity: not only does it display one of Rome's...

Via delle Botteghe Oscure 31

Emporio-Porto Fluviale


By the early second century BC, Rome had outgrown its old port. In 193 BC, construction began on a new structure, the Emporio, in what is now Testaccio....

Lungotevere Testaccio

Fontana delle Tartarughe


Four ephebes (adolescent boys) cavort around the base of one of Rome's loveliest fountains, gently hoisting tortoises up to the waters above them. According...

Piazza Mattei

Il Mattatoio


The bizarre statue of a winged hero slaughtering an ox atop the Mattatoio (slaughterhouse) leaves little doubt about its mission. Hailed as Europe's most...

Piazza Guistiniani/via di Monte Testaccio

Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella


This colossal cylinder of travertine is the final resting place of, and unusual tribute to, a woman who linked two major families in late first century BC...

Via Appia Antica 161

Monte Testaccio


This 36-metre-high (120-foot-high) 'mountain' covered by scruffy plants is a quirky sidebar to the commercial might of the Roman Empire in the second and...

Via Zabaglia 24

Planetario & Museo Astronomico


Booking is essential for Planetarium shows.

Piazza G Agnelli 10

Portico d'Ottavia


Great ancient columns and a marble frontispiece, held together with rusting iron braces, now form part of the church of Sant'Angelo in Pescheria. They were...

Via Portico d'Ottavia
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