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Antica Enoteca di Via della Croce

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

When this place opened in 1842 it was the favourite haunt of the Scandinavian painters who lived on nearby via Margutta. A tasteful revamp has retained most...

Via della Croce 76B

Bar à Book

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Naturally, San Lorenzo, the university quarter, has its own book bar - Bar à Book - where weighty tomes mingle with quiches, puddings and rather good wines.

Via dei Piceni 23

Bar della Pace

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Rome's Antico Caffè della Pace (which is known to all and sundry as Bar della Pace) is eternally à la mode. In cooler months the antiques and flower-filled...

Via della Pace 3-7

Bar Gianicolo

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

If you've slogged up here to visit Villa Pamphili or the site of Garibaldi's doomed battle with the French on the Gianicolo, rest your weary bones on the...

Piazzale Aurelio 5

Bar San Calisto

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Green tourists get their coffee or beer on piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere; locals who know better go to this bar. Its harsh lighting would make Sophia...

Piazza San Calisto

Caffè Canova-Tadolini

Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Sculptor Antonio Canova signed a contract in 1818 to ensure that this property, in the heart of the old artists' quarter, would remain an atelier for...

Via del Babuino 150A


Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Traditionally, Canova's clientele was right-wing and at daggers drawn with the left-wing rabble at Rosati across the square, though there has been little...

Piazza del Popolo 16


Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

It's easy to forget you're in Rome in this ultra-modern venue. The name (crudo means raw) conveys perfectly the sheer freshness of the place's style and...

Via degli Specchi 6

Freni e Frizioni

Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Unlikely ex-garage surroundings - the name means 'brakes and clutches' - for Rome's hippest early evening spot, frequented by arty types and a creative,...

Via del Politeama 4-6

Friends Art Café

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

This lively, modern bar is a popular place where habitués meet for everything from a morning cornetto and cappuccino to after-dinner cocktails. The chrome...

Piazza Trilussa 34

I Tre Scalini

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

This bar is famous for its tartufo - a calorie-bomb chocolate ice-cream concoction with huge lumps of chocolate inside. There are tables outside at which to...

Piazza Navona 28-32

L'Oasi della Birra

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

In the basement of an enoteca on Testaccio's market square, this 'Oasis of Beer' has over 500 brews on offer. It's one of the few places in Rome where you...

Piazza Testaccio 41

News Café

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

This is an attempt at a New York-style bar, with steel and wood decor. It pays lip service to the 'news' theme with racks of papers and a non-stop satellite...

Via della Stamperia 72


Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

Rosati is the traditional haunt of Rome's intellectual left: Calvino, Moravia and Pasolini were regulars. The art nouveau interior has remained unchanged...

Piazza del Popolo 5

Salotto 42

Bars & pubs, Restaurants & cafés

This newish spot on lovely piazza di Pietra is open morning till late. The bar's Roman/Swedish/New York pedigree is seen in little touches throughout....

Piazza di Pietra 42
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