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Il Palatino (The Palatine)

Attractions, Museums

While you may not believe the story that Romulus killed his twin brother Remus for crossing the property line he had staked out on the Palatine,...

Via di San Gregorio 30/piazza di Santa Maria Nova 53
Major venue

Il Vittoriano

Attractions, Museums

It's worth climbing to the top of this monument, not only to appreciate the enormity of the thing, but also to see the charmingly kitsch art nouveau...

Piazza Venezia/via di San Pietro in Carcere/piazza Aracoeli

Mercati di Traiano


Excavations carried out in the Imperial Fora in the 1990s opened up massive amounts of archaeological space to the public, but the work is far from over. As...

Via IV Novembre 94
Tags: History

Museo Archeologico di Palestrina


This fascinating museum is located inside the Palazzo Colonna-Barberini, which was built on the highest terrace of the temple to Fortuna. Today the...

Piazza della Cortina
Tags: History

Museo d'Arte Ebraica


Inscriptions and carvings from the old Cinque Scole - where Catalonian, Aragonese and Sicilian Jews traditionally worshipped with Roman Jews in the Ghetto -...

Lungotevere Cenci
Tags: History

Museo del Corso


This privately owned space stages exhibitions on artistic, historical and literary themes; the presentation is often more impressive than the content.

Via del Corso 320

Museo della Civiltà Romana


This museum dates from 1937, when Mussolini mounted a massive celebration to mark the second millennium of Augustus becoming the first emperor. The fact...

Piazza G Agnelli 10
Tags: History

Museo della Via Ostiense


It's a humble but oddly charming little museum, containing artefacts and prints pertaining to via Ostiense and the port at its far end. There are...

Via R Persichetti 3
Tags: History

Museo di Roma

Art, Museums

A rotating collection displayed over two floors recounts the evolution of the Eternal City from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Paintings and...

Palazzo Braschi

Museo di Roma in Trastevere


If you happen to be in Trastevere with nothing much to do, you could take in this modest museum and be pleasantly surprised, especially if you have children...

Piazza Sant'Egidio 1B
Tags: History

Museo Napoleonico


Blink and you could miss any mention of Napoleon's reign in Rome - from 1798 to 1814 - in standard accounts of the city. But dreams of empire were the...

Piazza di Ponte Umberto I
Tags: History

Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia


Founded in 1889 in the splendid Villa Giulia, this collection charts the development of the sophisticated, mysterious Etruscans. The villa was originally...

Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9