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Abbazia delle Tre Fontane


To the east of the Tre Fontane sports facilities lies a haven of ancient, eucalyptus-scented green, with three churches commemorating the points where St...

Via Acque Salvie 1

Arco di Costantino (Arch of Constantine)


Standing beside the Colosseum, Constantine's triumphal arch was one of the last great Roman monuments, erected in AD 315, shortly before the emperor...

Piazza del Colosseo



For guided tours (in English) call 06 361 4015 from 9.30am to 1pm. From April to September the Zoo remains open until 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Piazzale del Giardino Zoologico 1

Carcere Mamertino


Just off the steps leading from the Capitoline hill down to the Roman Forum, the Mamertine Prison was waiting for anyone thought to pose a threat to the...

Clivio Argentario 1

Casa dei Teatri

Attractions, Theatre

Since September 2004, the elegant 18th-century Villa Corsini inside the Villa Pamphili park has been a centre for drama and drama-making, with a stage,...

Villino Corsini

Casa della Fornarina


Just inside the Porta Settimiana is an unassuming house, now a restaurant, with a pretty window high on the façade and a granite column embedded in its...

Via di Santa Dorotea 20

Castel Sant'Angelo


Begun by Emperor Hadrian in AD 135 as his own mausoleum, Castel Sant'Angelo has variously been a fortress, prison and papal residence. It now plays host to...

Lungotevere Castello 50

Catacombe di Domitilla


These catacombs are found on land once belonging to Flavia Domitilla, wife of a first-century consul, banished to the island of Ponza for her faith. The...

Via delle Sette Chiese 282

Catacombe di Priscilla


This two-storey second-century AD burial place contains bas-reliefs and frescoes, including what is believed to be the first-ever depiction of Mary.

Via Salaria 430

Catacombe di San Callisto


These are Rome's largest catacombs. Buried in the 29km (18 miles) of tunnels were nine popes (venerated in a chapel known as il piccolo Vaticano), dozens of...

Via Appia Antica 78, 110 & 126

Catacombe di San Sebastiano


The name 'catacomb' originated in this spot, where a complex of underground burial sites situated near a tufa quarry was described as being kata kymbas -...

Via Appia Antica 136

Chiesa Nuova (Santa Maria in Vallicella)


Filippo Neri (1515-95) was a wealthy Florentine who abandoned the cut and thrust of the business world to live and work among the poor in Rome. He...

Piazza della Chiesa Nuova

Chiostro dei Genovesi


To the left of the 15th-century church of San Giovanni dei Genovesi is a wooden door (ring the bell marked 'Sposito' to get in) that opens into a glorious...

Via Anicia 12

Chiostro del Bramante


Urbino-born architect Donato Bramante is credited with kick-starting the Roman High Renaissance. He began with the beautiful Chiostro del Bramante in 1500-4.

Arco della Pace 5

Cimitero Acattolico


This heavenly oasis of calm in the midst of a ruckus of traffic has been the resting place for foreigners who have passed on to a better world since 1784....

Via Caio Cestio 6
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