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Circo di Massenzio & Mausoleo di Romolo


This large area of lovely green countryside contains one of the best preserved Roman circuses. It was built by Emperor Maxentius for his private use, before...

Via Appia Antica 153

Circo Massimo (Circus Maximus)


Favoured by 'alternative' youth on summer evenings, the Circus Maximus seen up close is a scrubby dog park littered with broken glass and cigarette butts....

Via del Circo Massimo

Città dell'acqua (City of Water)


A stone's throw from the Trevi fountain are the excavations that came to light during the remodeling of the ex-Cinema Trevi (now a Mondadori bookstore,...

Vicolo del Puttarello 25

Colonna di Marco Aurelio (Column of Marcus Aurelius)


The 30m (100ft) column of Marcus Aurelius was built between AD 180 and 196 to commemorate the victories on the battlefield of that most intellectual of...

Piazza Colonna

Crypta Balbi

Attractions, Museums

Part of the Museo Nazionale Romana, the Crypta Balbi is often overlooked on travellers' itineraries. It's a pity: not only does it display one of Rome's...

Via delle Botteghe Oscure 31

Dio Padre Misericordioso


Along via Casilina, just inside the GRA ring road, is the anonymously ugly suburb of Tor Tre Teste, above which emerges the startling Dio Padre...

Via F Tovaglieri

Domus Aurea (Golden House)


In the summer of AD 64 fire devastated a large part of central Rome. (Some blame Nero for setting the blaze intentionally, but fire was a real risk and a...

Via della Domus Aurea

Emporio-Porto Fluviale


By the early second century BC, Rome had outgrown its old port. In 193 BC, construction began on a new structure, the Emporio, in what is now Testaccio....

Lungotevere Testaccio

Fontana delle Tartarughe


Four ephebes (adolescent boys) cavort around the base of one of Rome's loveliest fountains, gently hoisting tortoises up to the waters above them. According...

Piazza Mattei

Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)


For recent generations, it was Anita Ekberg who made this fountain famous when she plunged in wearing a strapless black evening dress (and a pair of waders…...

Piazza di Trevi
Major venue

Fontana Paola


This grandiose fountain, which sends lavishly splashy cascades into an equally grand pool, is fed by water that has travelled 35km (22 miles) through a...

Via Garibaldi

Foro & Mercati di Traiano (Trajan's Forum & Markets)


On the north-east side of via dei Fori Imperiali are the extensive remains of Trajan's forum, the last of the fora, laid out in the early second century AD....

Via IV Novembre 94

Foro di Augusto (Augustus' Forum)


To the south of the House of the Knights of Rhodes is the Forum of Augustus, the second of the Imperial Fora chronologically (inaugurated in 2 BC). The...

Via IV Novembre 94

Foro di Cesare (Caesar's Forum)


The earliest of the Fori imperiali, the Forum of Caesar lies on the south-west side of via dei Fori Imperiali, closest to the Foro romano. Begun by Julius...

Via IV Novembre 94
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