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Laboratorio Marco Aurelio


Designer Marco Aurelio creates stunning and often unconventional pieces in hammered and wrought silver, on site. Sizable stones and intricate patterns...

Via del Pellegrino 48



If you like your shoes avant-garde, this is the place. From classy to wild and eccentric, its pieces are always one step ahead of the flock.

Via dei Baullari 22



Housing a glittering collection of oriental-inspired clothing and accessories, this shop feels like an exotic (and wealthy) aunt's closet. There's a...

Via del Governo Vecchio 89A



This is the place for extravagant but stylish shoes and clothes by the hippest designers. Owners Cristiano Giovangnoli and Emanuele Frumenti keep the...

Piazza Pollarola 36-37

Scarpe Diem


Owner Franco is a blossoming shoe designer himself, and several of his hand-painted pairs are on sale along with comfy Kickers, funky Pura Lopez, and other...

Via di Parione 40A

Silvano Lattanzi


The man the Japanese cognoscenti call the 'poet of shoes' flies to Washington to measure George Bush's feet. Even Bill Clinton was spotted at his pretty...

Via Bocca di Leone 59


Restaurants & cafés, Shops

The concept behind this 'concept store' is that you can shop for clothes, shoes, flowers, household accessories, CDs, mags and perfumes, get your hair done,...

Via del Babuino 155A

Tempi Moderni


There's an eclectic assortment of 20th-century pieces in this boudoir-like shop: elegant art deco necklaces are displayed alongside 1950s Bakelite brooches...

Via del Governo Vecchio 108



A glimpse into the true heart of Rome; prices are considerably lower than at more central markets too. The whole northern aisle is dedicated to cut-price...

Piazza Testaccio