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Jazz is increasingly popular in Rome, and new venues pop up every year. But the pioneer of them all, the jazz club in Rome, is still the Alexanderplatz. It...

Via Ostia 9
Tags: Jazz


Cabaret & circus, Clubs, Music

An eclectic club with a miscellaneous crowd, the Alpheus has four big halls for live gigs, music festivals, theatre and cabaret, all followed by a disco....

Via del Commercio 36

Auditorium Conciliazione

Dance, Music

This was Rome's prime serious music venue until the national academy shifted its season to the Auditorium-Parco della Musica. It has since been renovated to...

Via della Conciliazione 4

Auditorium-Parco della Musica

Critics' choice

Tickets can be booked online. Guided tours cost €10 (€5 concessions; no credit cards) and take place at intervals throughout the day: times change...

Via P de Coubertin 15

Aula Magna dell'Università la Sapienza


With kitsch Fascist decor but reasonable acoustics, this is the main auditorium for the Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti season.

Piazzale Aldo Moro

Beba do Samba

Clubs, Music

This popular, buzzing little venue in San Lorenzo attracts a studenty crowd for live music - mostly ethnic, world music and jazz - almost every night, often...

Via dei Messapi 8
Tags: Jazz, World, Club

Big Mama


Rome's blues heart throbs in this pared-back but welcoming venue, which hosts an array of respected Italian and international artists every evening. The...

Vicolo San Francesco a Ripa 18
Tags: Jazz, Rock


Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

What used to be the best-run of the city's centri sociali - and the Roman beacon for hosting the best electronic musicians and DJs in Europe - is now on a...

Via Levanna 11

Caffè Latino

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

This is one of the oldest clubs in the Testaccio area, offering a choice of live music and DJs, ranging from jazz to ethnic, Latin American to funky. If you...

Via di Monte Testaccio 96

Caruso-Caffè de Oriente

Clubs, Music

A must for lovers of salsa and the like, this club offers Latin American tunes every night (apart from Saturdays, when it veers towards hip hop and R&B) and...

Via di Monte Testaccio 36

Circolo degli Artisti

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

This is Rome's most popular venue for small- and medium-scale bands from international alternative music circuits. (Inexplicably, the owners still haven't...

Via Casilina Vecchia 42

Classico Village

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

This former factory space in super-hip Ostiense comprises three rooms, often offering three different acts simultaneously. The whole thing faces on to a...

Via Libetta 3



This cosy venue oozes jazz culture from every pore. On the ground floor, sip a glass of whisky from one of Rome's widest selections while admiring old...

Via Gregoriana 54
Tags: Jazz

Lettere Caffè

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

While retaining its vocation for poetry and literature, the Lettere Caffè has bounced back cooler and stronger with new management and a choice of live...

Via San Francesco a Ripa 100-101

Locanda Atlantide

Bars & pubs, Clubs, Music

This friendly, unpretentious venue in the buzzing San Lorenzo neighbourhood hosts an array of events ranging from concerts and DJ acts to theatrical...

Via dei Lucani 22B
Tags: Bar, Club
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