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Banish any thought of Arlo Guthrie from your mind: it's worth trekking to Alice's restaurant for the spicy Hunan and Mandarin cooking. The clean and spare...

1599 Sanchez Street


Restaurants & cafés

This cool-looking restaurant has managed to retain its popularity by combining a relatively exotic South Pacific concept and consistent execution. Sidestep...

2030 Union Street


Restaurants & cafés

Many locals agree that this is the best sushi in town - and so there's often a wait for a table. Put your name on the list and get a drink at the bar with a...

1283 9th Avenue

Eos Restaurant

Restaurants & cafés

The best of East-West fusion, served in a comfortably spare, highly designed restaurant. Classically trained chef/owner Arnold Eric Wong produces dishes...

901 Cole Street

Helmand Palace

Restaurants & cafés

The Helmand - the city's only Afghan restaurant - moved from North Beach and added 'Palace' to its name, but it's still as good as it ever was. Influenced...

2424 Van Ness Avenue


Restaurants & cafés

This no-frills (though often ear-shatteringly loud) Chinese fusion dining room works wonders with fresh, seasonal produce and East-meets-West preparations....

1230 Grant Avenue


Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

Best known for its terrific mid-morning dim sum, the Mayflower also serves good seafood, fine clay-pot dishes and superb roast chicken and duck. Alongside...

6255 Geary Boulevard


Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

Mifune's motto is 'It's okay to slurp your noodles', which gives you an idea of the atmosphere and focus of this place. Good for kids and vegetarians, here...

Japan Center, 1737 Post Street


Restaurants & cafés

With its emphasis on scene and style, this sushi lounge has given this out-of-the-way location a bit of life. The space features edgy design, with...

1779 Folsom Street

R&G Lounge

Critics' choice
Restaurants & cafés

Always busy and often chaotic, R&G Lounge has two levels for dining, neither of them much to look at. The Hong Kong-style food is authentic, emphasising...

631 Kearny Street

Seoul Garden

Restaurants & cafés

Seoul Garden is a good choice when all the Japanese eateries are too crowded (which is often the case), here you grill marinated beef at your table while...

22 Peace Plaza

Sushi Groove

Restaurants & cafés

If you don't mind sitting elbow to elbow in a dining room that's roughly the size of a postage stamp, join the stylish clientele at this creative and highly...

1916 Hyde Street

Thep Phanom

Restaurants & cafés

Be sure to book in advance at Thep Phanom - and once you're there, be sure to order the tom ka gai (coconut chicken soup) as a starter. The 'angel wings' -...

400 Waller Street

Ton Kiang

Restaurants & cafés

This large restaurant's stock-in-trade is quality hakka cuisine, a style of Chinese gypsy cooking. Favourite dishes include the authentic salt-baked chicken...

5821 Geary Boulevard

Yank Sing

Restaurants & cafés

The quality of Yank Sing's food explains how it manages to thrive in the corner of a massive office complex. Non-English-speaking waitresses roll out an...

Rincon Center, 101 Spear Street
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