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Fort Mason Center

Critics' choice
Art, Attractions, Museums, Restaurants & cafés, Theatre

This collection of ex-military buildings features various cultural institutions, including the Museo ItaloAmericano (Building C, 673 2200,...

Marina Boulevard

Fraenkel Gallery


There is a whiff of the official about the Fraenkel, a photography gallery established in 1979. Is it the warm space, inspiring quiet contemplation, or the...

4th floor

Galeria de la Raza

Critics' choice

This storefront gallery has celebrated contemporary Chicano/Latino culture since 1970 with bi-monthly exhibitions and the ongoing (Re)Generation project,...

2857 24th Street

Gallery 16


Gallery 16 publishes limited edition artist prints and books through its collaboration with Urban Digital Color. The gallery recently relocated to a huge...

501 3rd Street

Gallery Paule Anglim

Critics' choice

An unimpressive façade gives no indication of the airy, light-filled interior at Gallery Paule Anglim, which simultaneously houses a major and a minor show...

14 Geary Street

Giant Robot


It's a quarterly 'zine inspired by anime, punk rock and kung fu. It's also a shop on the far end of Haight that sells indie comics, Japanese goods,...

618 Shrader Street

Jack Fischer Gallery


Fischer says that the work he exhibits is 'from the heart and the gut'. His tiny gallery is devoted to 'outsider' and self-taught artists, and is so...

Suite 440

Jack Hanley Gallery


Considered the pre-eminent exhibition venue in San Francisco for young international artists, including many Europeans, Hanley has hosted many rising stars,...

395 Valencia Street

John Berggruen Gallery


Founded in the mid '70s, Berggruen, with its smooth white walls and sleek blond floors, has played host to some of the biggest names in contemporary art,...

228 Grant Avenue

John Pence


John Pence is the largest gallery in San Francisco, established in 1974 and offering an impressive 8,000sq ft (750 sq m) of exhibition space. It is home to...

750 Post Street



Located on a seedy corner, the Lab favours political and subversive photography, paintings and multimedia works. Its auctions, held several times a year,...

2948 16th Street



Intimate and warm, this gallery quickly made a name for itself by showcasing playful works by young and emerging artists. It hosts events and art classes,...

1632C Market Street

Little Tree


This intimate gallery mounts gorgeous, affordable art in a laid-back yet professional setting. Featuring witty and accomplished emerging artists, Little...

3412 22nd Street

Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art


Wolfe moved his former Urbis Artium Gallery here in 2005 and began pursuing a more formal direction. The large space is impressive; the art runs from...

Suite 202

Marx & Zavettero Gallery


Whether it is exhibiting David Hevel's pop icon animal sculptures, Michael Arcega's conceptual constructions or Adam 5100's enormous stencil paintings, this...

2nd floor