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While Swedes may, on the whole, be a modest bunch, Pontus Frithiof has no such qualms. First came Pontus in the Greenhouse (which closed in 2007); followed...

Brunnsgatan 1

Rolfs Kök

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Restaurants & cafés

A favourite haunt for lunching business executives, this Stockholm design classic is well worth a visit for both the interesting food and decor. Chairs hang...

Tegnérgatan 41


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Restaurants & cafés

With just 18 seats, guests are tightly packed into this tiny restaurant where the walls are decorated with sardine tins. It's a cute and cosy place, serving...

Skånegatan 79

Spisa Hos Helena

Restaurants & cafés

A home from home for many locals, serving straightforward, delicious modern European cuisine. The sesame-grilled tuna is lovely, but if you fancy something...

Scheelegatan 18

Stockholm Taste

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This stylish soup café is one of the best-kept secrets on Kungsholmen. The soups are often exotic, using Indian or Asian spices and ingredients, and the...

Wargentinsgatan 3


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Once a working-class pub, Tranan has drastically changed to reach out to the professionals who now inhabit Vasastaden. The transformation has been managed...

Karlbergsvägen 14