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CN Tower

Critics' choice

Though it has now been eclipsed as the world's tallest structure (by the Burj Dubai), the CN Tower held the title for an impressive 30 years. Some quip that...

301 Front Street W
Major venue

Don Valley Brick Works Park


Don Valley Brick Works Park is one of the most important geological sites in North America: the layers of sedimentary rock found in the quarry walls help...

550 Bayview Avenue

Ontario Place

Attractions, Cinemas

This public amusement park was built in the 1970s, when Canadian nationalism (and, some would say, government spending) was at its zenith. The private...

955 Lake Shore Boulevard W
Major venue

Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Critics' choice

Situated out of town but well worth a family visit, this does all the things giant amusement parks do, from stomach-churning roller coasters to inhabited...

9580 Jane Street

Toronto Zoo


This zoo gives animals - and human interlopers - plenty of room to roam. There's enough outdoor fun and adventure to make a day of it; call ahead for...

361A Old Finch Avenue