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Adult Entertainment

The darkest bathhouse in town, this is where you go when you don't want to meet anyone you know. It doesn't even have a sign, just a black door.

78 Wellesley Street E

Club Toronto Mansion

Adult Entertainment

This Victorian mansion boasts stained-glass windows and ornate details, but it's the rambling corridors that really matter: they are perfect for cruising....

231 Mutual Street

Spa Excess

Adult Entertainment

A maze of dark corners and cubicles provides room for groping on part of the top floor. Elsewhere there are private rooms, a licensed lounge and a deck.

105 Carlton Street

St Marc Spa

Adult Entertainment

Once a government office building, this top-floor spa is a lot sexier these days. There's a whirlpool, sauna, cinema and 120 private rooms.

4th Floor


Adult Entertainment

With high ceilings, glass-walled showers and industrial-chic decor, this bathhouse feels more boutique hotel than erotic emporium. The entrance is so...

2nd Floor