Exporting Raymond (PG)

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Tue Apr 26 2011

Veteran Everybody Loves Raymond producer Phil Rosenthal travels to Moscow to cast and shoot a pilot for a Russian version of the beloved American sitcom; he quickly clashes with everyone from wise-guy bureaucrats to an icy fashion designer. Apparently unwilling to perform even cursory advance research, Rosenthal arrives with preconceptions cribbed from espionage thrillers and Yakov Smirnoff one-liners. He's also the last to realize that without major revisions, Raymond's tepid middlebrow humor simply won't translate to a society with only a fledgling middle class. Exporting offers an intriguing outsider's document of Russian culture reinventing itself from the outside in; its main export, however, seems to be good old-fashioned Ugly Americanism.

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Fri Apr 29, 2011


86 mins

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