Holding Trevor

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Like The Killing of Sister George and Chasing Amy, Holding Trevor utilizes the oft-mined trope of the gay movie title in which a gerund precedes the name of the main character. Arriving late to the slacker genre, Holding Trevor’s protagonist (Gorski) spends his time whining to friends about his vapid life. While this is supposed to elicit sympathy, his self-absorption is irksome. He doesn’t even notice when his favorite fag hag receives news à la Chloë Sevigny in Kids; he’s too busy avoiding both his heroin-addled ex and, inexplicably, his perfect new boyfriend. Gorski also wrote the stilted script, and it shows: The whole shebang is a lesson in solipsism.

Release details

Release date: Friday July 4 2008
Duration: 88 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Rosser Goodman
Cast: Brent Gorsk
Melissa Searing
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