Ice Princess

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Physics wiz Casey Carlyle (Trachtenberg) has a passion for ice skating and a mother who's got Harvard on the mind. When Casey enrolls in her hometown skating school, nothing—not even catty popular girls, sexy Zamboni drivers or devilish coaches—can stop her from tackling her dream. Even if you want to glide along on Trachtenberg's addictive enthusiasm, you'll ultimately wallow in the film's predictable coming-of-age plotline. "Winners make sacrifices," says a famed figure skater (Cattrall), regarding the demands of stardom. The same can be said of G-rated Walt Disney movies that sacrifice talented actors for recycled stories.

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Cast and crew

Director: Tim Fywell
Screenwriter: Hadley Davis
Cast: Hayden Panettiere
Trevor Blumas
Kirsten Olsen
Joan Cusack
Kim Cattrall
Connie Ray
Michelle Trachtenberg
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