Into the Fire

Conceived in the wake of September 11, writer and director Phelan's ambitious debut weaves together three stories of loss and rebirth, including those of a harbor patrolman (Flanery) and a grandmother (Williams) torn by survivor guilt. To say that Phelan's reach exceeds his grasp isn't entirely a criticism - he's tackling big themes and deep emotions that would intimidate even experienced filmmakers. Unfortunately, he falls back on narrative clich├ęs, resulting in 93 minutes of committed actors putting themselves through the emotional wringer to very little end.

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Cast and crew

Director: Michael Phelan
Screenwriter: Michael Phelan
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery
Melina Kanakaredes
Ed Lauter
Pablo Schreiber
Ron McLarty
JoBeth Williams
Lydia Jordan
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