Mirror Mirror

Julia Roberts, left, and Lily Collins in Mirror Mirror Photograph: Jan Thijs

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Thu Mar 29 2012

From Greek to Grimm: After last year’s hard-R, Hellenic-myth-pilfering Immortals, Tarsem Singh makes a bid for the family market with this mostly enjoyable retelling of the classic fairy tale about Snow White (Collins), an evil Queen (Roberts), a handsome prince (Hammer) and seven dwarfs. All the familiar elements are here, right down to the poisoned apple, though they’ve been reworked with the hip, knowing sensibility that unfortunately affects most modern-movie yarns of this sort. (Our spunky heroine needs a man to save her? As if!) No matter: Like all of Tarsem’s films, story takes a backseat to visuals, and there’s plenty to pop the eyes—love those life-size string-puppet assassins!—if not, ultimately, to stir the soul.

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