Moscow, Belgium

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Belgium has a reputation for dullness (In Bruges) and being invaded by Germans (the Schlieffen Plan), but this delightful film also proves that it’s a place where unlikely love can flourish. Matty (Sarafian) is a middle-aged mother of three whose artist husband (Heldenbergh) has left her and shacked up with one of his students. After an encounter with truck driver Johnny (Delnaet), though, Matty too dabbles in robbing the cradle (he’s more than a decade her junior). Matty’s deliberations between former relationships and new flames result in one of the year’s more realistic onscreen love stories.

Release details

Rated: NR
Release date: Friday December 19 2008
Duration: 102 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Christophe Van Rompaey
Screenwriter: Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, Pat van Beirs
Cast: Barbara Sarafian
Jurgen Delnaet
Johan Heldenbergh
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