Nobody Else But You

Sophie Quinton and Jean-Paul Rouve in Nobody Else but You

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Mon May 7 2012

Stuck in a snowy, podunk French town, a crime writer (Jean-Paul Rouve) in a slump catches a news report about the death of a local blond-bombshell-cum-cheese-spokeswoman (Sophie Quinton). Voilà, he’s got his latest book idea! But as the pulp scribe investigates her suspicious “suicide,” he starts to suspect that she may be the reincarnation of…Marilyn Monroe? Filmmaker Gérald Hustache-Mathieu has fun recasting Monroevian moments and setting up parallels between the fromage-hawking hottie and the late silver-screen sex symbol—bring on the Miller, DiMaggio and JFK avatars. But he’s less assured when it comes to constructing a mystery with an actual payoff, or to distinguishing intriguing plot twists from head-slappingly ridiculous ones.

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