Railroad Crossing

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'Understated' seems too slight a term to describe Pre Vila's debut film. Following postgraduate slacker Marc through his everyday existence as a van driver and part time photographer in tourist-ridden coastal Spain, the film barely intrudes on its characters at all, preferring to simply sit back and observe their habits and routines.

Marc drives tourists to the beach- more often than not they're pretty girls, but he says nothing- then he drives them back again. He contends with his affectionate family, particularly his ailing grandmother. He fixates on a local prostitute, but never dares approach her. 'Railroad Crossing' is visually assured and confidently constructed, but never manages to provide us with a particularly good reaason to keep watching.

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Cast and crew

Director: Pere Vilà
Screenwriter: Pere Vilà
Cast: Marc Homs
Mercè Compte
Joan Martí