Talento de Barrio

Drug lord with a heart of gold Edgar Dinero is fed up with the criminal life and ready to cash in on his talent for reggaetón singing. After spending much of the film chastising his delinquent little sister and asking his hypertensive mother to calm down, this sage gangster, played adequately by Daddy Yankee, has difficulty starting anew with his former rivals. Just as reggaetón—which Yankee helped introduce to the U.S.—is a fusion of hip-hop, reggae and traditional Puerto Rican rhythms, Talento de Barrio is also a mixture, albeit a woefully derivative one, of 8 Mile, Menace II Society and Carlito’s Way.

Release details

Rated: R
Release date: Friday October 10 2008
Duration: 107 mins

Cast and crew

Director: José Iván Santiago
Cast: Daddy Yankee
Katiria Soto
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