The Samaritan

Samuel L. Jackson in The Samaritan

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Posted: Tue May 15 2012

Finally free after 25 years in the slammer, fabled grifter Foley (Jackson) tries going straight, but he’s forced into a high-stakes con when the weaselly progeny of his old partner (Kirby) blindsides him with a secret. No one expects a Samuel L. Jackson thriller to be Shakespeare, but David Weaver’s wanna-be ’70s-grindhouse cheapie doesn’t even achieve serviceability. Jackson and Kirby do their spirited best to sell dialogue seemingly written in underlined all-caps, yet there’s no saving the film from an endless setup (a full hour passes before the big con even starts) and a clumsily choreographed, sub-soap-operatic payoff. Despite its exploitation ambitions, this Samaritan is good only for a last-ditch swerve into schmaltz.

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Fri May 18, 2012


93 mins

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